Research Institute of Financial Audit and Supervision


    Research Institute of Financial Audit and Supervision is supported by School of Public Economics, Nanjing Audit University. It is based on the platform of priority discipline of audit, and takes advantage of the discipline of finance as both the national special discipline and the provincial discipline. Catering for the need of modernized public governance, the institute carries out researches concerning auditing and supervision of the authenticity and validity of public financial revenue and expenditure as well as the performance of public financial policies. The institute is now actively involved in international cooperation in the academic research in financial audit, with special attention to basic theories of financial audit, public financial policy audit, budget implementation audit, taxation audit, financial audit techniques and methods. The institute is made up of 10 experts with doctor’s degree, 6 of which had the experience of working temporarily in China National Audit Office and carrying out financial audit tasks in audit offices nationwide. They are quite experienced in financial audit.